Self Love Printables

Self Love PrintablesDear Reader, We hope you’ve enjoyed journaling in the “Love Yourself More” guided journal and discovering new ways to practice self-care and nourish your mind, body, and spirit. As part of our mission to spread more kindness, we wanted to offer you this simple yet meaningful gift – a printable poster with an …

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Be Epic Printable Wall Art Download

Be Epic Printable Wall Art DownloadClick to download this adorable “Be Epic” printable PDF wall art. With a vibrant mandala-inspired design, this “Be Epic” quote is an quick and easy way to add a touch of inspiration to your life. Print it, frame it, and hang it in your office or dorm room. It is …

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Journaling Inspiration for Everyday Life

A blank page, just begging to be filled with thoughts, ideas, stories, and pictures. A notebook or journal can become what you want it to be — an organizer, a diary, a sketchbook, or a collection of recipes. As you browse the articles in our notebook-focused blog, ask yourself the questions: Where will you take your journal, and where will it take you?

A Life-Changing Habit

Through uplifting, evidence-based, and creative articles, discover the benefits of journaling, different types of notebooks and how to use them, and real-life stories that will inspire you to begin to use a journal or planner. Sometimes, all we need is a little nudge, and the amazing things that can happen as a result are only limited by the imagination!

Welcome to the CN+J Blog

There’s something about a journal that’s tantalizing and inviting. Whether you’re a committed notebook aficionado or recently began thinking about the idea of getting more organized with a journal or planner, our dedicated team is here to help. With years of journaling and notebook experience, we’re more than happy to share our ideas and inspiration for successful journaling!

Unique Designs and Customized Layouts

Cute Notebooks + Journals began with a single design and quickly expanded to dozens of inspirational covers. As demand grew, we began offering prints and posters featuring popular book covers. Recently, we’ve fallen in love with digital planners and are expanding our product line there! Whether you’re into cats, cooking, nursing, or teaching, we have just the notebook to help you shine. Follow our blog and shop our collections to discover the magic of notebooks today.

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