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5 Unique Journaling Techniques for Beginners

A blank page can seem like a daunting thing when you’re getting ready to write something meaningful. These five easy journaling techniques are designed to get your creative juices flowing! Plus, we’ve matched each of these techniques with the perfect notebook to complement the writing style.


There are many journaling techniques, and free writing is an easy style that anyone can learn to master. When freewriting, you give yourself a set time or a set page length to write continuously without pausing. There’s no need to think about sentence structure or punctuation, as the point is just to let your thoughts flow freely. 

Freewriting lets you get in touch with your inner self and is an excellent way to get warmed up for a day of using your brainpower. When you start freewriting, give yourself a ten-minute timer or one-page limit and write about what you’re feeling, what’s bothering you, or anything that is currently on your mind. Try freewriting in a blank, unlined journal that lets your pen or pencil make its own boundaries.

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Create Lists

Creating lists is a simple journaling technique that lets you get straight to the point and explore a topic. It’s a great short-hand method that takes very little time to accomplish. Your lists can start out simple, like what you need to pick up at the grocery store, what chores need to get done, and other familiar to-dos. 

Later, you can move on to create lists about your personal life, career, relationships, hobbies, and anything else you want to record or organize. Personal weekly or daily planners make great books to get yourself started on list-making.

Dream Diary

Remember that time when you had an amazing dream that was so vivid? You may have remembered it for a day or two, but dreams usually fade away, unlike precious memories. 

Keeping a dream diary is a fun way to journal that will allow you to look back on those crazy, happy, adventurous, or scary dreams your brain dared to think up. Dreams can also give you great inspiration for writing short stories! 

Check out this CN+J journal with a neat dream catcher design on the cover. It can be used as a lined notebook or an undated daily planner to record your dreams every day.

Person writing in a daily planner

Plan Your Day

Most of us have a loose idea of what we want to accomplish that day when we wake up. Writing these activities down is a simple way to keep yourself on track and set daily goals that you are more likely to achieve. 

You can plan your day the night before, in the morning when you wake up fresh from sleep, or days in advance. A digital planner is a great asset that you can use throughout the day to reflect on what you want to get done.

Journal with Prompts

If the above blank-page journaling techniques aren’t an appealing style, give journaling with pre-written prompts and adult coloring pages a try! This self-care journal from CN+J has prompts and self-love quotes that will feed your brain and get your pen moving. The adult coloring pages are also a nice outlet for your artistic side. 

Ready to get started? Grab your pen or pencil and give these unique ways of journaling a try today! CN+J notebooks, journals, and planners also make great gifts for the creative friend or family member, so be sure to send this blog your loved one’s way the next time they’re stumped for journaling ideas!

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