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Benefits of Coloring Books for Adults
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Some of our fondest memories come from childhood. So what could be better than turning back the clock and tapping into your inner child with a good old-fashioned coloring book? Most of us loved coloring and activity books when we were children. Whether you enjoyed structured paint-by-numbers books or loved the freedom of using color however you wanted with traditional coloring books, coloring was a great way to use our imagination, practice being an artist, and express our creativity.

Today, we’re all grown up with jobs, spouses, kids, and pets. As a result of our schedule and a perception that coloring books are for kids, our time spent coloring has diminished into nothing. Well, we here at Cute Notebooks + Journals think we should give this incredible pastime a second chance. Coloring is an activity for all ages. Even as grown-ups, we can find comfort and joy in coloring.

Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

We all recognize the development of hand-eye coordination is important for young children. Often, we don’t consider that this coordination can start to fade as we get older. Looking at smartphones and sitting at a computer all day does nothing to slow the loss of hand-eye coordination. One of the great benefits of coloring, especially with adult coloring books and the more complicated designs they include, is improved hand-eye coordination!

Coloring may seem like a simple activity, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The seemingly simple act of coloring requires critical coordination skills. Hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and attention to detail are key to creating your coloring masterpiece. These are all skills adults need and use in our everyday lives.

Coordinating between the variety of available colors and training yourself not to miss details is great practice for your eyesight. Coloring pages with more complexity also requires you to use your hands and fingers in a variety of ways. Plus, knowing exactly where to put your pen or pencil helps you keep control over your hands. If you think you might be clumsy or losing your coordination, start coloring regularly and then notice your improvement. Some designs will require you to adjust your thinking and come up with creative ways of thinking—just like at the office!

A bunch of sharpened colored pencils

Heighten Creativity and Artistic Skills

Hand-eye coordination isn’t the only thing you can improve by using an adult coloring book. Increased creativity, artistic skills, and observational skills are some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy. Advancing in your coloring experience and working with more complex coloring page designs can help you improve your artistic skills.

Creativity and critical thinking are important skills to have in our society. Creative people who are able to solve problems are highly valued in the workplace. So why not start honing your creative skills now?

When you begin coloring, it may be hard to envision the final results. Just remember, things don’t have to appear lifelike, you can use whatever colors you want in whichever part of the drawing you like. Unleash your wild side and draw outside the lines! We know that was a no-no as a kid, but a true artist knows when to break the rules. Practicing this kind of free-thinking will make you a better artist and a more creative thinker. That skill can be helpful in all areas of life.

Increase Peace and Mindfulness

One of the best benefits of coloring after a long day is the increased sense of peace and relaxation it provides. Studies confirm that coloring can help you relieve stress and anxiety. Some even use coloring as a form of art therapy.

While coloring, your mind slips into a state of mindfulness. The coordination required when coloring forces you to be present in the moment without distractions from interrupting thoughts. You can focus on the coloring page and simply enjoy the process. Coloring is both repetitive and soothing. This puts you into a zen-like state, which is why coloring books are perfect for mindfulness and relaxation.

Consider coloring the next time you need to fill some time. Instead of doomscrolling or turning on the TV, take out your coloring book. Get engaged and enjoy the mindfulness, increased creativity, and the many other benefits that come with using adult coloring books. As a bonus, when you’re done, you will have created something beautiful you can simply admire or hang on your walls!

Woman enjoying benefits of adult coloring books and having fun
Close up of relaxed woman coloring an adult coloring book with pencils, she is sitting on a table at home.

Just Plain Fun

Time enjoyed is never time wasted, and it’s fair to say that coloring can be enjoyed at any age! We all know coloring books are great for kids, but they can be fun for adults too. Say it with me, “coloring is fun!” Being fun is potentially the biggest benefit to coloring. It’s easy to get focused on the importance of inspiration and motivation for achieving your goals but taking a break to have some fun is important, too!

We get it. You’re busy. You have responsibilities now and don’t have time for some things you used to love. However, it’s important to take care of yourself and to have fun every once in a while. Your health and wellbeing are important for your career and for your family. Coloring can be a great tool to help you relax and have fun after a long day.

Coloring is a fun way to spend your time, let go of stress, and be creative. For many, it’s a way to recapture the excitement for life and creative instincts we all enjoyed as children. No matter your age, now is the perfect time to discover your new favorite coloring book and go wild!

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