How to Use Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Yourself Article
How to Use Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Yourself

Inspirational Quotes Can Change Your Life

Inspirational quotes can change your life. They do this by providing reminders, clarification, or inspiration that helps you achieve your ambitions. Deciding to use an inspirational quote in your daily routine is a huge steppingstone towards success. If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know that. However, you may be wondering how to use inspirational quotes to motivate yourself. Here are some simple and effective ways to use inspirational quotes for success.

To get the most out of an inspirational quote, the first step is to set your goal. This is important as it defines your motivation for using a quote in the first place. The next step is to find the right motivational quote. Don’t just choose something because it sounds good. Make sure it is appropriate for your goals and ambitions. Once you choose your quote, repetition will be key to getting the most out of it. Placing it somewhere you’re likely to see it several times a day will help keep it top of mind and help turn a simple quote into your own personal mantra.

What is an Inspirational Quote?

A Number 2 Pencil and a Dream Can Take You Anywhere QuoteAn inspirational quote is a message that provides encouragement or helps you focus. They help you eliminate distractions, clear your mind, and reaffirm your goals. Often, the best inspirational quotes are short and to the point. These general quotes work better because they can be used in different situations. A shorter quote can be easier to commit to memory and recall when you need a little push.

An inspirational quote is not just a statement that makes you feel good. You can look at pictures of cute puppies or kittens for that. Trendy slogans and phrases are often poor choices. Eventually, their popularity fades and they often have little value outside of the current context. The best motivational quotes provide a positive and empowering message that is meaningful and enduring.

What Type of Quotes Are Best?

When looking for a quote that moves you, look for quotes that have a message you can apply to your current situation but that also leave room for challenges you’ll face as you grow. You shouldn’t have to change the quote you use on a regular basis.

If you can identify patterns in your life where more focus is needed, choose a quote that speaks to that pattern. For example, if you tend to underestimate your abilities, look for quotes about dreaming big or accomplishing great things. If you easily get distracted, quotes highlighting the power of staying focused and vision can be effective.

Where Can You Find Inspirational Quotes?

As you go through your day, be on the lookout for sayings that catch your attention. Outside of your daily routine, you can find great quotes in books or in interviews with thought leaders. Be particularly attentive to people you admire. Quotes from them can be a lot more powerful since they originate from someone you respect or can relate to.

Several places online are great for finding motivational quotes. Searching for quotes online will allow you to focus on a particular theme or motif. You may also find unexpected gems. Reading about the author of an unexpected gem may help you discover a new perspective or person to follow. This is also a great way to learn about people who may not be in the public eye but who have profound insights.

Quote Sources Comparison Table
Comparison between various sources for inspirational quotes

How to Include Inspirational Quotes in Your Daily Routine?

Once you’ve identified the quote that moves you, write it down and keep it close by. You can make a laminated card of it and keep it in your purse. Writing it on your bathroom mirror will ensure you see it every day.

You can even use it as the wallpaper on your cell phone. Keeping with the phone theme, add background music to your quote and use it as your ringtone or as the alarm that wakes you up each morning. Doing so will help you start each day focused and reminded of your goals.

Are Motivational Messages Effective?

It’s hard to believe something so simple and easy can have any impact. However, science shows that words can make a difference. One particular study shows the way an idea is expressed can affect our perception of how true it is.Good Vibes Only Quote - Pastels

Many successful businesses use quotes and slogans as rallying points to reach lofty goals. For example, the Discovery Channel made one of their main themes “Discovery changes lives” and is used in various forms through their website, commercials, and Facebook presence. Other corporations and educational institutions have also found ways to use inspirational quotes to help improve productivity, recruit talent, and keep employees engaged.

This technique is particularly common in athletics. Sports teams often use inspirational quotes and slogans as motivation for success. The US Women’s National Soccer team is known for its mantra “One Nation. One Team.”

Large organizations such as Nike or the Discovery Channel have plenty of resources and money that we individuals don’t have. That allows them to spend money on experts so they can research the optimal messaging and determine how to use the messaging for the best results.

Don’t be deterred by not having a lot of resources. As an individual, you have the advantage of being able to focus on one thing, yourself. You don’t need to worry about focus groups and consumer panels. You can find a quote that reflects your feelings, thoughts, or emotions without the extra hassles large organizations have to deal with.

If these large organizations can find ways to use motivational quotes, then so can you. With just a little creativity, you can find ways to use motivational and inspirational quotes to change your life and positively impact others.

What Makes Inspirational Quotes So Meaningful?

Our society places a lot of attention on results. It’s important to remember that achieving a goal, in most cases, usually does not mean there’s nothing left to be done. We’ve all heard stories of high achievers who finally accomplish their goals and suddenly find themselves without further ambition. The very thing that brought them success suddenly becomes the thing inhibiting their growth.

Enjoy the Process Typography QuoteThis stagnation is often because too much emphasis was put on the results and not enough on the process. One of the main benefits of motivating messages may be their ability to add value to the process. An inspiring quote or captivating theme can allow us to enjoy the efforts involved in achieving our goals. When we can find value in our efforts, we can apply that to any goal. By finding fulfillment in the process, we can reach new heights as we continually shift our focus to newer and more lofty ambitions.

Often, our goals are finite and tied to some data or measurement. Once accomplished, there is nothing more. A good inspirational quote is quite the opposite. A good inspirational message is often vague and can be reassigned as needed.

Take for example Nikes famous “Just Do It” slogan. An athlete can use that as a driving force to become a champion in their field. After their sports career is over, that slogan can be redirected towards developing a successful business. The tactics, strategies, and techniques used for developing a business and being an elite athlete may be completely different. However, the energy and spirit associated when they embrace the “Just Do It” slogan can be the fuel to drive success in both arenas. In this instance, the slogan allows the athlete/entrepreneur to fall in love with the effort and use that passion to be successful in different endeavors.

How to Use a Quote Effectively

As mentioned earlier, the first step is making sure your goal is clear. Without a goal in mind, how can you decide which quote is appropriate? Do you want to be more productive, do you want to be more kind, or are you looking to develop yourself personally or professionally? Having a clear goal will make it easier to pick the best quote to help you succeed.

The next step is to find the right motivational quote to use. You can read more than enough books, blogs, and articles to find a quote that will be ideal for your message. Don’t just choose something because it sounds good or is popular at the time. There are several factors to consider as you begin exploring inspirational quotes. When selecting your quote, make sure it is:

  • Memorable
  • Meaningful
  • Engaging
  • Adaptable to changing environments
  • Something that you feel good about

When considering an inspirational quote, look at the quote as a whole. Some quotes inspire and others motivate. Don’t assume a quote will do both. Examine the quotes you’re considering adopting and find one that matches your intentions. Keeping it short and simple will help it be more memorable and easier to adapt to various situations.

Once you find your ideal quote, you’ll want to make sure it’s always accessible. Find a way to make it extremely visible. This will allow you to use it as a reminder when you need help or a pick-me-up. Options include printing it out and framing it, writing it on your bathroom mirror, or making it the background on your computer. If something is in your face all the time you’re more likely to see it and remember it. Repetition is key.

The key to using quotes effectively is to use them, not just as cute sayings, but as tools to move you towards positive results, deliver meaning, and provide inspiration to yourself and possibly to others. This means you must use your quote! This seems obvious but you may need to make the extra effort to actually use the motivational saying you’ve chosen. Make it a business slogan, a personal motto, or any other way that will consistently reinforce the message until it becomes not just a talking point, but a part of who you are.

When Is an Inspirational Quote Needed?

Frustrated woman at computerWaking up in the morning is the first answer that comes to mind. Instead of setting your alarm clock with the traditional buzzer, set it to get you going with an inspirational quote. Wake up to something that will inspire and motivate you every day.

You may also need inspiration throughout your day. If you have a difficult task to complete, or if you’re at a crossroads and aren’t sure which way to proceed, consider using an inspirational quote to give yourself a boost. Simply by thinking about your quote, you may be able to move past roadblocks, find your motivation, and refocus on your goals.

How to Stay Motivated Over Time

Here are two easy ways to use an inspirational quote over long stretches. First, incorporate your inspirational quote during times of planning and reflection (such as your early morning planning sessions and your pre-bedtime routine). The second key is to change up the environment where you see it. Repetition is essential for getting the message into your subconscious mind. However, if the message becomes too routine, it may end up being just another piece of noise in your day. By changing where and how you see it, your quote will stay at the top of your mind and keep you focused.

Final Thoughts

The first trait of a successful person is the ability to seek inspiration and maintain focus. Your goal should not be to find cute and witty phrases but to seek out a statement that helps you stay inspired and focused.  There are many quotes out there from great thinkers, enigmatic leaders, and enduring champions. However, the messaging you choose doesn’t have to be from someone famous, it can be from a teacher, a friend, or even from your own heart. Remember to listen to those around you, and especially to what your heart is telling you. You might just find the perfect inspirational quote to fuel your passions.

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