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The Benefits of Gratitude Journaling: How to Be Grateful for the Good

The glass can either be half empty or half full, depending on how you want to look at it. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a rhythm of viewing the negatives in life, instead of being thankful for everything that you’ve been blessed with. One of the easiest ways to keep positivity in your life is to start a gratitude journal. The benefits of gratitude journaling can change your outlook and give you a mental pick-me-up. 

How It Helps Our Mental State

The benefits of gratitude journaling can have a profound impact on your mind, which can also lead to positive impacts for your body. Gratitude journaling has been shown to reduce stress by naturally countering it with feelings of contentment and satisfaction. It increases your positivity and optimism because you are taking the time to focus on good things in your life. Keeping a gratitude journal is a very personal activity that allows you to recognize your own achievements, no matter how small they may be. 

By writing down good experiences in your life, you are better able to relish in those activities, which will make you feel happier and even help improve your relationships with other people. Gratitude journaling can also help you have a better sleep at night, especially when you choose to do your journaling just before bed.

Gratitude Journaling Ideas

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Choose a Journal

While you could choose to record your thoughts in a basic lined notebook, or even on a cocktail napkin for that matter, you may find that a quality journal is a much more motivating start to gratitude journaling. Some prefer an unlined journal that has a positive cover to give them creative freedom, like this Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon book from CN+J. Or, if you prefer the neatness of lines, the Good Vibes Only notebook is a nice option and comes in a convenient size that you can take anywhere.

If you want to go beyond the standard benefits of gratitude journaling, then you may want to try a self-care journal that provides you with self-care prompts, self-love quotes, and even relaxing adult coloring pages.

Set Aside Time for Writing

Blocking out time for your gratitude journaling ideas is key to helping you keep the journal going. Choosing a time first thing in the morning can help you have a positive outlook on the day, and journaling before bed can give you positive thoughts to help you get to sleep quicker. 

Keep a List of Simple Prompts

Stuck on a topic? Here are some gratitude journaling ideas that can be used daily. You can even list them at the start of your journal for reference.

  • Write about the last time you laughed
  • Record silly things your kids did today
  • How can you thank a loved one without saying “thank you”?
  • Look at a random photo and explain why you’re thankful for that memory
  • Write about something you’re looking forward to
  • Write about something you’re thankful for now that you didn’t have 5, 10, or 20 years ago
  • Name someone who did something nice for you

Let the benefits of gratitude journaling reap their rewards in your life when you start your journey with Cute Notebooks + Journals. Grab an inspirational journal for yourself and a loved one today!

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