Person in yellow sweater drawing in a notebook
Gift Ideas for the Creative People in Your Life

The best gifts for creative people are the ones that give them the tools to unleash their creativity. Discover gift ideas for artists, young writers, budding chefs, and more in our original collection of notebooks and journals.

The Next Picasso

Does someone special in your life love to draw? Encourage their artistic talent with gifts for creative people such as a blank notebook and set of art pencils or watercolor paints. For those who enjoy getting artistic but prefer to have the outlines provided, consider gifting them with a beautiful adult coloring book with intricate designs.

Blank recipe journal with a pink cover

The Kitchen Master

For aspiring chefs who love to cook up a storm, give them a gift that will provide them with hours of fun with our upbeat blank recipe journals and meal planners. Complete with cheery, kitchen-themed covers, these gifts for creative people are perfect for recording new and delicious recipes, and even multi-course meals.

The Avid Wordsmith

The perfect idea for a plotline can strike at any time, and there’s nothing a writer appreciates more than somewhere to write down ideas, quotes, and dialogue as they come to mind. Our inspirational notebooks make the perfect gifts for budding young writers and come in an easy-to-use size that’s ideal for jotting down thoughts on the go. Many of our notebooks also come with complimentary matching posters that make for a motivational addition to an office wall and could help to inspire new and creative ideas.

The Music Maker

Just as young writers value having somewhere to record their thoughts, songwriters and musicians appreciate having somewhere to record those spontaneous music and lyric ideas before they escape and are lost forever. When thinking about gift ideas for artists and musicians, consider a dot-grid notebook for drawing up music scores and a lined notebook for lyrics and chords.

Notebook cover with a lightbulb drawing

Vogue’s Next Headliner

Many of the greatest fashion houses began with a drawing on a napkin or scrap piece of paper, and you never know where simple gifts for creative people like an uplifting and colorful journal could lead. Motivational covers and thick white pages provide hours of fun for aspiring fashion designers while keeping all of their ideas together in one place. Eventually, this notebook could become a portable portfolio that’s ideal for showing designs to clients.

Give a Heartfelt Gift with Cute Notebooks + Journals

An independent, family-owned company, Cute Notebooks + Journals is passionate about helping people discover the joy of expression and find a moment for relaxation in the busyness of life. Our unique notebook designs, coloring books, and recipe planners promote mindfulness and creativity while providing a healthy outlet for processing one’s thoughts.

At CN+J, find a perfect gift for the creative people and young writers in your life with dozens of designs including many different page styles and layout options. And you don’t have to stop at gifts for others! Get your own creative juices flowing and practice some self care by purchasing a special notebook for yourself!

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